Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Merlin Season 1 Episode 2 looking at camera work and representation of gender.

Many different camera shots and angles are used to portray many different meanings and feelings within the extract from Merlin. For example a shot reverse shot conveys the two people's expressions and it could be used when in a crucial scene when something big is happening. A two shot is used to signify that the two people in the shot/frame may be inn a relationship or that they have some thing(s) in common. In one scene when they are in the castle and people are shaking hands a two shot is used between arthur and

Monday, 30 November 2009

Merlin Season 1 Episode 2 looking at Mise - en - Scene and representation of gender.

There is a lot of verisimilitude used within the excerpt, the clothing is of it's time period. The shields, swords and tents are very realistic. All of the crowd are in the correct dress and hairstyles and this will have cost quite a lot of the budget as there is a lot of them.

Merlin Season 1 Episode 2 looking at editing and representation of gender.

Fast paced editing is used when the two characters are fighting to build up tension and make the program appeal to a younger audience. Elliptical editing misses out time to cover more important points in the program and it would be boring if it showed everything that happened to the character, it is used in merlin for example there is a shot of the town in day, then at night, then at day again this is showed to signify that time has passed quickly. Match - on -action is used when Merlin is putting on Arthur's fighting equipment/ gear, it doesn't show him doing it all, it just skips a little bit of time to keep a steady pace to the program a speed up effect has also been used in this scene to make it even more faster and make it seem more interesting. Audio bridge's are used between some scenes to link them together as they might have the same characters or be to do with the same subject/ topic. When Merlin uses magic to clean the chain mail, helmet, boots, etc special effects are used to make it look like he is actually using magic and this adds to the verisimilitude of the T.V. program. There is a mixture of long and short takes included in the excerpt to add some variation and change the pace of the show,the length of a take can signify the set mood of that scene. For example in the fighting scene it's quite a short take because it is building tension, if it was a long take there wouldn't be as much tension and would get boring easier.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Opinion poll on working tittle films

I have just added an opinion poll on people's favourite working tittle films, it would be great if you could complete it! :)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Merlin Season 1 Episode 2 looking at representation of gender and sound

The music within it builds up tension in scenes for example, when they are fighting. Church bells ring in the background, which could mean that Merlin (the main character) is late, and could also signify the time period in which the drama is set in. In one scene there are some birds cheeping in the background which could connote that they are in a peaceful place and that everything is ok. Cheering from the crowd can be heard in a scene where they are fighting to signify that this is a big and important event and there are also lots of crescendo's building up the tension. There are non-diegetic sounds within the extract such as the swords clashing together and the birds cheeping. When the music slows down the tempo it signifies that something just isn't quite right, also there are eerie high pitched notes which also connotes this sense or feeling.