Friday, 27 November 2009

Merlin Season 1 Episode 2 looking at representation of gender and sound

The music within it builds up tension in scenes for example, when they are fighting. Church bells ring in the background, which could mean that Merlin (the main character) is late, and could also signify the time period in which the drama is set in. In one scene there are some birds cheeping in the background which could connote that they are in a peaceful place and that everything is ok. Cheering from the crowd can be heard in a scene where they are fighting to signify that this is a big and important event and there are also lots of crescendo's building up the tension. There are non-diegetic sounds within the extract such as the swords clashing together and the birds cheeping. When the music slows down the tempo it signifies that something just isn't quite right, also there are eerie high pitched notes which also connotes this sense or feeling.

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